A design and editorial practice for energy, technology and natural resource companies

Our portfolio

Introducing Copper Content & Creative

If you want to explain something, you have to understand it. That is the principle from which we start. Our team really understands how businesses use science to create and develop new technologies. And we know how to explain this through persuasive words and powerful images.

For more than thirty years, the Copper Content & Creative team has grown and evolved with its clients. We have adapted to the changing business landscapes in the sectors where we work and stayed ahead of emerging communication trends and technologies. We have a deep understanding of the companies we help and the industries where they operate.

Not flashy, not big-headed, just a bunch of talented people who want to help you.


We can help you

Our animators and visualisers tell your story in pictures

Our brand and communication advisors keep your image intact

Our copywriters choose the right words

Our graphic designers frame your message with stunning visuals

Our editors make sure you say what you mean

How we work

Copper Content & Creative delivers exceptional quality and value for clients. The foundations of our workflow are maintaining open, honest and regular dialogue, a commitment to offering best advice in all situations and our determination to create truly excellent marketing communication products.

Our 4D method

1. Discuss your needs

Creative processes start with a conversation to establish what you need. At this stage you may have a detailed project brief or simply want to ask how we could help.

2. Define the strategy

Whether the job is quick and simple or complex and time-consuming, it always pays to plan and to keep the plan up to date.

3. Design and create content

Our creative teams share drafts and arrange review points to give you full transparency on our progress and to help keep everything on track.

4. Deliver your job (on time and on budget)

We keep our promises on costs and deadlines, delivering work that looks good and helps you achieve your goals.

Why clients value our services

We are extremely responsive and can deliver high-quality technical marketing materials fast, enabling you to meet tight deadlines.

We are fluent in science, technology and marketing and can deal with complicated content that would leave other agencies scratching their heads.

We can make the complex simple, helping you to reach, inform and persuade different audiences.

We offer a comprehensive service and end-to-end support from initial idea to finished product with content that is as technical or as simple as you need it to be.

We can guide you through the creative process, participating in meetings with your technical and marketing staff to launch major projects and marketing campaigns.